Preceptor/Peer Mentor Resources

Preceptor Program



The Preceptor Program allows for faculty members to hire undergraduate students as Preceptors, who in turn help to support faculty in providing the best possible pedagogical environment within their respective courses.  The program is also intended to provide a substantive professional experience to students. 

Faculty Eligibility

Funding is open to full-time faculty who are participating in the Top 40 Academy and who are teaching a large enrollment course (75 or more students per section) without a graduate assistant or full-time faculty who are teaching a Prospect for Success designated course.

Preceptor Eligibility

Nominated Preceptors must have a minimum of 30 earned credits, be in good academic standing, and have earned at least a B or higher in the course they are supporting. Preceptors are also required to be enrolled as full time, first-degree seeking students. 


Funding is awarded through University College with support from the University Career Center UPIP program.  Preceptors are paid on an hourly basis ($10 per hour) for approximately 100 hours per semester.  Preceptors are recruited and selected by the faculty member teaching the course.

Expectations of Faculty

  • Faculty are expected to provide all necessary training in the course content that the Preceptor needs in order to be effective and to mentor the student working with them on a regular basis throughout the semester.
  • Faculty are expected to provide both early warning and midterm grade reports on all enrolled students – the assumption being that the Preceptor is providing assistance necessary to make that happen. 
  • Faculty are expected to structure the preceptorship as a professional development opportunity for students that applies to the tasks assigned and the supervision and mentoring provided.

Expectations of Preceptors

  • Preceptors will be required to apply through Hire-A-Niner, which can be accessed through the University Career Center's website, for their position and submit the following documents: Resume and Cover Letter.
    • Preceptors are required to interview for their position.
  • Preceptors will be expected to attend some common training; it is expected to include up to a full day shortly before the semester begins.
  • Preceptors are required to attend 4 University Career Center sponsored events.
  • Preceptors will be required to review and acknowledge their understanding of important confidentiality and appropriate behavior expectations.

Opportunities for Preceptor Involvement

  • To help with tracking attendance and participation;
  • To serve as a liaison between professor and students;
  • To help with low stakes grading or check-in assignments to get an idea of whether the class is retaining and understanding the material;
  • To meet individually or in small groups with those students struggling with a certain topic or section of material;
  • To model successful approaches for doing well in the class--what worked for the preceptor when they took the class;
  • To lead study and review sessions.


For additional information, please contact:

Michael Abel