Faculty/Staff Information

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s mission statement commits the institution to providing an ‘exemplary undergraduate’ education that equips students with a strong liberal arts foundation in a robust intellectual environment that values diversity, collegiality, and creativity. Laudable in any context, this mission statement takes on a much deeper resonance in light of the University’s commitment to access and of the socially, economically, and geographically diverse student body it serves. For many students, and particularly for the third who are the first in their family to attend college, the time they have at UNC Charlotte represents a unique and potentially life-changing opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Designed to proactively foster both the extent and depth of students’ engagement, UNC Charlotte’s Prospect for Success QEP will provide all first-time full-time freshmen with the opportunity to participate in a formal engagement curriculum during their first year of enrollment. Recognizing the diverse needs of students in the University’s seven academic colleges, this engagement curriculum takes different forms in different colleges, but all versions of the curriculum have common elements to make manifest to students both aspirational ‘ways of being’ (the value of engagement) and practical ‘things to do’ (how to be engaged).