Student Information

The Prospect for Success is UNC Charlotte's plan to engage undergraduate students in a potentially life-chaning opportunity for personal and professional growth. The Prospect is designed around three interconnected goals--Intentionality, Curiosity, Awareness--that are woven into Prospect courses designed by each college at UNC Charlotte to fit the needs of students in their programs. Here's what students have said about their Prospect for Success courses:

"It was a personal class. I knew everyone!"

"I gained a new understanding instead of basic knowledge." 

"College can be kind of intimidating and you want to make sure you're getting involved. This class pushed me to do that."

This is your Prospect Trail Guide...think of it as your map to help you through Prospect for Success. You'll find information about the Prospect curriculum and courses offered in all of the colleges as well as resources for new students and opportunities to engage with the campus and community.