What is Prospect for Success?

UNC Charlotte’s commitment to you is to ensure that you have the opportunity to graduate, in a timely fashion, with a degree that will prepare you for a successful and fulfilling life.  Academic engagement is perhaps the most important of the many  opportunities you will need to be successful as a Forty Niner.   

Prospect for Success is UNC Charlotte's commitment to students to help you become Intentional, Curious and Aware.

Through carefully designed courses and out of class experiences, each incoming freshmen at UNC Charlotte develops their own commitment to success, inquiry skills and cultural awareness as a participant in Prospect for Success. While this may look different depending on the coursework and requirements for your particular major or college, our commitment to seeing you thrive at UNC Charlotte remains the same.

College Prospect for Success Plans

Each college at UNC Charlotte has descigned a plan to implement Prospect for Success to fit the needs of students in their programs. Although the courses cover different material all share common threads of intentionality, curiosity and awareness. When Freshmen come to SOAR and register for classes, advisors will help you find the right Prospect course for them. Here's a description of the Prospect program offered in each College.


College of Arts + Architecture - Freshman in Arts and Architecture take a Prospect course in one of the following: Art, Architecture, Dance, Music or Theatre. Each class consists of course work that engages entering students to help them be successful in their respective degree programs.

Belk College of Business - Students enroll in Introduction to Business & Professional Development, which introduces students to the University, Belk College of Business student success strategies, functional areas of business. Career planning, and business professions.

College of Computing and Informatics - The Computing Professionals Seminar is the College of Computing and Informatics Prospect course designed to support students with the intellectual and social transition to university by increasing the involvement of students in the academic life on campus and within the College of Computing and Informatics community. The course provides an orientation to resources available to students; promotes oral and writing skills; and enables students to develop a personal education plan. The course has three components: a seminar series, peer group engagement, and extra-curricular activities. Activities include written reflections on all three elements of the Prospect for Success, individual performance in peer group engagement activities, peer review of other students in the class, and the development of a personal education plan.

College of Education - Students take two-course sequence spanning the Freshman year-Foundations of Education and Diversity in School and Introduction to Students with Special Needs.

William States Lee College of Engineering - Prospect for Success begins in Introduction to Engineering or Introduction to Engineering Technology where students learn about the various engineering disciplines and are introduced to the tools and techniques of the profession.

College of Health and Human Services -Students entering Health and Human Services take Pathways to Health and Human Services, a seminar class that explores the health professions and process students with skills to be successful on their path through college.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences/University College - New students entering the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and undecided students in the University College have different Prospect options. These included Freshman seminars, Learning communities, “big questions” Prospect courses.